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Snickers Workwear 9044 Braces
Model: 9044 Snickers
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Description of the Snickers Braces 9044
Snickers Clothing Designed a basic, flexible braces. Streamlined design and long-term dependability.
Features with the Snickers Braces 9044
  • Designed with four fastening points “ or fewer if you use the durable D-rings that are included
  • Can be attached in the side of the trousers, in the Velcro tool fasteners.
  • Keeps the trousers up without restricting your movements
  • Keep the braces on during toilet visits. Just open the Velcro tool fasteners and release the braces in the side and pull down. No more hassle with braces and sweaters, jackets etc. When you are finished pull up the trousers and attach the braces in the side again.
Material used in the Snickers Braces 9044
Polyester / polyamide / rubber.
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